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this is a very condensed version of the story intended to introduce newcomers to the Chip-chan case

[The following is what has been interpreted from several sources from its original Korean into English. Green text indicates FACTS, Blue text indicates DISPUTED TRANSLATIONS, Red text indicates DISPUTED CLAIMS]

>found Chip-chan on webcam thread
on 4chan
>thought she was dead
>not dead, sleeping
>sleeping for long periods of time without moving and in very uncomfortable positions
>try to find out what the signs (that are strewn about her home) say - written in Korean.
>they say something about ["no sleep" from 7-10pm because of a cop named "P"]
>anonymous finds her blog, which talks about some corrupt police officer stalking her and implanting a "verichip" in her ankle, [which causes her to fall asleep].
>she has webcams set up throughout her home, [that she set up herself] and is aware of
>she rarely, if ever, leaves her home and does nothing other than surf the web and sleep (often for 12+ hours at a time). She appears unkempt, in poor health and extremely lethargic.
>she's been doing this since 2009
>she claims that she cannot leave the apartment due to the chip, [which will make her fall asleep]. She doesn't try to contact the police, for fear "P" will find out.
>if her story is true, she is being held captive by a corrupt cop called "P" in her home - due to the chip implanted in her ankle, controlling (or monitoring) her sleep patterns. [She falls asleep if she tries to escape]. The webcams may also be monitored by "P" as well.
>if her story is false, she is most likely a paranoid schizophrenic with narcolepsy. However some parts of her story still don't exactly add up. (Such as the fact that she does not exhibit the usual traits of a paranoid schizophrenic. In addition, she is seemingly comfortable about being watched - also uncharacteristic of the disorder. Consider how narcoleptic individuals fall asleep in intermittent periods and at random - unlike her 14+ hour sleep sessions. Also, how she is able to live on her own comes into question, which remains unexplained.)
>the weird thing is, the more you watch and the more you read into it, the more her story seems plausible.


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Information to verify

Verichip Information
note: ignore the religious conspiracy theory and focus on the facts.
specifically: "The tracking doesn't stop at geographic location either. Heart rate, breathing, temperature, sleep, and consciousness can all be monitored from any remote location. All of this is already being used in real world applications."
Check the cited sources in the article for more information.

Korea and Verichips
(secondary source)
South Korea received a very large importation of Verichips from the United States (note also that Verichip is a company name, and could refer to other products besides the Verichip identification chip).

>>> R-THEORY <<<

- Chip-Chan claims that the stream stops sometimes between 7-10pm (Korean time)
- Some speculate this is the key to why "P" is keeping her under house arrest:
"Does that mean someone else is controlling her sleep, pausing the cameras so no one sees when he's there and doing whatever business he has with the girl when she's asleep?" - Anonymous

- But what if it's just lag?
"[Lag] would make the actual cam lag, and make it jump from 22 sec to 25 sec between two frames, but it doesn't.
It goes 22-23-24-25 in like a second; that's not how lag behaves. It doesn't quickly show all the frames - it updates slower the more viewers. It doesn't fast forward just because it's overmaxed, it would skip frames, not fast forward." - Anonymous

From Chip-chan's own blog (the Jinbo blog):
"But the psycho cop P disables the cam before he attacks me, sometimes changes the direction of the focus of cam showing the closet." - Chip-chan

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chip-chan Youtube Video Translations

This was found and sent to me by Jelly-St1ck

The following are rough translations of several Youtube videos uploaded by Chip-chan

Only the first 3 have been translated thus far, it seems

First Video

The reason for stalking
Don't you know the police have better things to do then to stalk you?
I know the police is a busy job, but there are no other job that is as carefree as being a policeman
I've been to most police station in Seoul, there are many detective squad, cop squad, several many of those squads, so many teams
there are numerous squads under the national force, but they are only busy for a moment when there is a crime.
Normally they watch movie, smoke, talk, sleep, then work only once awhile.
The reason a criminal commits a crime is because their personality is evil. If a personality is evil, they will commit a crime no matter how busy their life may be like this guy, if they have bad temper (i think she's referring to P, not sure).
A nice person does not commit crimes.
What dark things does that police have to do these things to you?
Yoo YoungChul and Kang HoSoonn, what do they have to benefit from killing the innocent girls?
The Arsonist Go Shiwon, what could he have benefited from setting the fire and killing the girls?
The reason the crime was committed was the same, the criminal's evil nature.
This pig does this to because of his evil nature. The stalking comes from his arrogant nature
There are no other reason but those. He cannot do this to me if he wasn't evil.
In a same situation, an evil person will commit the crime while the good person does not. No matter how serious the situation, without the evil nature a crime cannot be committed.
The reason for his stalking is because he is arrogant.
I tried to persecute him and he gets angry, mobilized the police force, the pig used sirens, walkie talkies, all these noises to scare me
He does this to me when no one's around so there are no witnesses so the convictions against corrupt police p were rejected
He does these to me in anger, that how dare i do this to a cop
He did that only in that neighborhood, so normally a person would move out from there, but I couldn't even attempt to move due to all my luggage
Even if I suffered, i thought he'd eventually stop, this stupid stubborn mind of mine. He could have forgotten all about the incident if I just went away.
But I stupidly held my place even if he was harassing me, for over a year
And while keeping tabs on me 24/7 by the harassments, he developed fascinations towards me.
She had more then enough in cash of inheritance from her parents, and she lived alone so she probably had no family, so he believed he could easily take my money away so he started the stalking
A weak girl who lives alone, a easy prey for a criminal.
When it comes to stalking, it's perceived as a boy-girl thing, as in how pretty is the girl but it is absurd
Never seen his face, i just know he looks like an aged person
This person is arrogant, so he's sending me messages to give him the inheritance then commit suicide
Since I'm spreading this through internet, his priority is to have me dead then the money
He's afraid of being exposed
What would anyone think if I said a police is stalking me?
They call me a mental patient
A completely normal person is being treated as a mental patient; there was nothing I can do but endure all the crimes
I'm sure there is another person aside from me who's also suffered from a corrupt police official. I'm pretty sure they tried to tell someone at first, but people would say 'do police have nothing better to do but bother you?' and eventually suicide after suffering.
For 13 years, I have always thought about suicide.
Enduring all his crimes, I finally reached out to the internet. Look at all the bad comments on many of my online pages.
The psychos changed their id's and leave these comments; I continue despite it all.
They say, The corrupt police official p does this to you because you deserve it, because you're no good.
These lie, they treat me like a mental patient so they say whatever they want.
I don't know what they've heard from the pig, so I don't know what lies are being said. If you were to fall for his lies, you guys would believe him too and avoid me.
It's ridiculous for a policeman to stalk, so he uses this advantage in order to stalk me. Depending on the situation, he uses different lies
You guys may think you yourselves may not fall for that pig's lie but there isn't a single person who have not believed him.
No one mentions his lies to me and completely avoids me, so I don't know what lies from him they are believing.
So far no one has no fall for his lie.
No one, except one.
That person fell for the pig's lie at first, but after speaking to me, the person realized that the pig lied.

Second Video

The Duration of Stalking Period
It's very trivial. When they aren't being stalked, they wait for some kind of heavy guilt
but if you watch the news, crime happen over minor faults
They murder after following you for three hours because you looked at them in a wrong way
Kill you for not giving them something, for not giving you fifty dollars
The same for me

But I can't even remember if I saw this guy there
Couple months later the pig saw me in the streets and greeted me happily
But I didn't like him because of bad memories of being dragged to the station because of him,
so i cussed him right there by accusing him of keeping tabs on me and stalking me secretly because he begrudge me
and that lead to bigger things.
 he next day this person used the police force to harass me. he does this whenever I'm alone, so this ended in a standstill without a witness and he harassed me even more for trying to convict him.
If a police heard this, they would believe me. I heard when someone under their district challenges one of their man, the entire police force of that district will harass that one person until they move away.
You might not believe this, but this is what I heard from a trusted source.

One of the people living there, Park SangMan family, were aware of the stalkings but did not report this because they bought the lies.
Not because of threats, but because they believed the lies.
If I can convinced this family that it was lie, then I can have witness to the stalkings. Help me convince them

Third Video

I am being stalked
no one believes me so i can't file complaints
I'll be harassed until I die
He's a paranoid, psycho pig
I can escape by revealing the truth so I'm broadcasting
The reason for broadcasting is to find the people who are capable of helping me
If that's not possible, spread my broadcasts so many more people can be aware about this
And even if that's not possible, at least listen to my broadcasts
The necessary documents to reveal the truths are in my blogs so at least spend an hour to read them over
If you guys listened to that pig, like Park Sangman, Kang KyungHui Kim DongGyu, you'll believe in that pig's lie also.
Normal people, news reporters, there isn't a single person who believes in his lies.
Everyone falls for the lies and avoids me
They buy his lies and thinks I'm crazy for broadcasting about his stalkings online.
That is not true. I am moving from places to places in order to escape his harassing.
He's a criminal mastermind. The way he lies is, buy saying she is a dangerous woman, she believes she is being stalked and puts the blames on me
He says I put everything on the internet to slander him and harass him, so everyone avoids me thinking they'd get harassed by me also.
And when I do get a witness, he goes after them like crazy to convince them, and they believe his lies because they see me fight back to the real harassers, so they mistaken me as the one harassing the people.
It is true i did first fought back originally, and it is also true I've been stalked for 13 years
From Australia to Canada, I've tried to escape but he found me
For 6 month I tried going to higher ups and begged them to help me but I've given up. Everyone avoids me and call ME the stalker. I thought higher authorities would protect and help me but it's no use.
Whoever listens to that pig's lies believe him and fall for it. They won't tell me what lies they've been told so it frustrated me but after being stalked for 13 years, one of the audience told me
That this person, at first, believe the lies but after listening to my words, they know that the pig lied so they believe me now
He lied differently to each people but to this person, he said you'll also get harassed too, that girl has mental problems and is 100% lying. If you cross her the wrong ways, you'll get harassed like I am being.
Don't ever believe in any bit of it. He uses confident lies in order to make you fall for them. He says I'm married and have children and says absurd lies. He says he doesn't even know this woman, but he reads everything on my blog and is fully aware of me.

(something about being married, not sure what she's saying)

I don't even know all these people that are lying on my page, but this is evidence that the pig conspired a bunch of people against me.
People fall so easily for the lies. You hear about how easily people blow all their money away by easy lies from voice phishings, but it's true. These people fall for the lies, so they won't be my witnesses


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  4. Seems she's being stalked and controlled through an extreme and committed program of conditioning.

    She has probably been led by deception and repetition of disinformation that her perpetrators are the authorities. This is done to illicit her compliance or submission (much like a predatory offender) but also to cast doubt and suspicion upon the only persons who might give her investigatory support. Her perpetrators are simply impersonating policemen to keep her quiet and confused.

    Predatory offenders use many tactics to exert control over their victims in order to perpetrate abuse. Frankly, I think two things are in play here:

    1. Use of hypnosis, against her will (sleeping upon command, induced agoraphobia with panic disorder (paranoia), being kept in a trance-like state for long periods of time); and

    2. Extreme, nonstop verbal abuse meant to confuse her cognition and mentally fatigue her in order to neutralize her resistance.

    These tactics are those of a sophisticated predatory offender (child molester) or con artist, except the commitment to torturing her 24 hours-a-day suggests more than just one perpetrator; probably a small group of offenders much like a Manson Family-type cult, or a criminal ring of abuse pornographers. That they persuaded her to stream her surveillance (rather than conduct it themselves) takes the guesswork out of how effective the harassment is.

    The obvious cover-up of trying to label her (the victim) as "mentally disturbed" is a tactic she seems aware of, as she fully denies it. Indeed, her habits, actions, and ability to keep herself alive yet in poor condition seem to suggest coping, survival, and defense mechanisms than any true disorder.

    Also, though I've seen her featured and discussed on other boards in Russian and Spanish, little can be done outside of her world to help her, unless a persons lives in, or is willing to travel to South Korea. This voyeuristic helplessness adds to the offender's "perfect victim" scenario.

    Predatory offenders work very hard to feed to their sickness; we've evidenced in such recent cases as Jaycee Dugard, who was isolated and held captive by offenders in a backyard compound for 18 years. The commitment to violence and extended length of time in the Korean case (if it is indeed happening) is therefore not surprising.

    We need to start viewing this girl as a potential victim and stop offering prejudged, simplified dismissals of "mental case." If indeed she is a victim of stalking and harassment, this case isn't diabolical--it's despicable and we should instead be investigating the perpetrator(s).

  5. This girl won't be able to get the help she needs..... poor woman but everything is strikingly coincidental to what she's been saying and I think she's not lying at all.. hope that man dies a painful death

  6. This girl won't be able to get the help she needs..... poor woman but everything is strikingly coincidental to what she's been saying and I think she's not lying at all.. hope that man dies a painful death